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5 Things Most Every Jewish Person Doesn’t Know

It might come as a surprise, but most Jewish people actually know very little about the Bible. Today’s Jewish people have grown increasingly secular and humanistic, with no standard frame of reference where it comes to spiritual or religious topics. But despite the vast differences in beliefs among Jews, one thing you can almost always […]

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

In the shadow of the modern-day Holocaust that was Oc­tober 7, 2023—when Palestinians from Gaza slaughtered, raped, mutilated and kidnapped 1400 Israeli men, women and children—Jews worldwide are facing an onslaught of anti-Jewish propaganda, which claims that the Palestinians were justified in carrying out such inhumane, immoral and evil atrocities. So pervasive is this disinformation […]

God of Love, Pt. 5

What Is the Good News of Yeshua? (Part 24) The people stood in astonishment and fear, having witnessed the terrifying spectacle. Still suspended above them was the lifeless body of their executed King, and before them, the aftermath of His violent and dramatic end. Some who had been watching were immediately filled with remorse and […]

Why Is Yeshua Waiting?

The Bible says that Yeshua is coming back quickly (Rev. 4:11)—but apparently not as we count quickness. The Bible also says that there will be signs forecasting His return—yet it will still be unexpected (Mat. 24:44). So the question is: does this soon, unexpected return mean that His coming is imminent? At this time right […]

God of Love, Pt. 4

What Is the Good News of Yeshua? (Part 23) Determined to have Yeshua put to death, the Jewish council dragged Him before the Roman governor of Judea. In an attempt to draw Rome into their plot, they listed their accusations and false charges, imploring the governor to carry out their desired sentence (Luke 23:2, John […]

Who Is a Jew? (What the Bible Says, and Why It Matters)

What determines whether someone is Jewish? Is it strictly ethnic lineage, or is there something else? Is someone a Jew only if they have Jewish parents or grandparents? What if you have distant Jewish heritage? Can you gain or lose your identity as a Jew through conversion? Are Christians spiritual Jews? In this episode, Kevin […]

God of Love, Pt. 3

What Is the Good News of Yeshua? (Part 22) When the day for the annual Passover feast had arrived, Yeshua knew that His time was near (Matthew 26:18). Desir­ing to share His final Passover with His closest disciples, He sent them on ahead to prepare the foretelling meal.

God of Love, Pt. 2

What Is the Good News of Yeshua? (Part 21) Yeshua would travel all across the Land of Israel proclaiming this Good News, gathering disciples to His revolutionary cause and displaying unusual feats of supernatural power never before seen on Earth. His closest friends would witness Him turn water into wine, calm storms with His words, […]

Reaching God Without Religion

When believers in Yeshua first come in to a Messianic or Hebraic understanding of the faith, it can be an exciting and spiritually invigorating time. But as you begin to navigate this new, unfamiliar territory, it can also be confusing. Is this a Jewish faith? Is it Christian? Is it somewhere in the middle? And […]

Are Messianic Gentiles 2nd Class Citizens?

It has been an issue in modern Messianic Jewish congregations basically since the beginning: many Gentile congregants have felt like second-class citizens in part because they’ve heard the often-repeated refrain, “to the Jew first.” In this episode, Kevin looks at the Scriptures to determine if this possible doctrine of favoritism has any basis in Scripture, […]