From its foundation, MJMI’s express purpose has been to tell every Jewish person everywhere about the Messiah Yeshua. But sharing the Messiah with Jewish people means more than simply the salvation of individual Jewish souls, or even the restoration of an entire Jewish nation. Indeed, proclaiming Yeshua to the Jewish people is necessary for the salvation of the world!

A Nation Set Apart

Within the nation of Israel (Yis’rael), God established an order of separateness. This order establishes an increasing closeness and responsibility of service to God Himself.

First, the nation of Israel is, herself, a people set apart by God from among all the other nations.

Then, inside Israel, God set apart the tribe of Levi (Leviy), who would not receive a land inheritance along with the other tribes, but whose inheritance would be God Himself. The Levites (L’viyim) would be responsible for the maintenance of the tabernacle (HaMish’kan) and all the holy things related to God’s service.

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