It might come as a surprise, but most Jewish people actually know very little about the Bible. Today’s Jewish people have grown increasingly secular and humanistic, with no standard frame of reference where it comes to spiritual or religious topics. But despite the vast differences in beliefs among Jews, one thing you can almost always count on is that Jewish people are highly unlikely to know is the truth about the most important Jew who ever lived: Yeshua. In this episode, Kevin discusses five biblical facts that most every Jewish doesn’t know—but needs to—in order to learn the truth about the true, Jewish Messiah.

As we saw in the first two parts of this series, the anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic teachings of Protestantism began with the Reformers of the 1500s, and continued to grow and develop in the centuries that followed. Then, during the twentieth century, the anti-Semitism of previous generations came to a head, showing itself fully at the zenith of Jewish persecution: the Holocaust.

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