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The Omer: The Whole Measure of Maturity

Now that we have celebrated Pesach (the Feast of Passover), we have entered a special season of counting, laid out for Israel in Leviticus 23:10-16. Just after the feast, the sons of Israel are commanded to bring an omer to the priests. This omer is simply a sheaf—a bundle of grain from the beginning of […]

The Problem With Ecumenics, Pt. 2

In my previous article I wrote to you about a new document prepared by the Catholic Church’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews. I noted that while there were some positive features of the document, it is in fact hopelessly schizophrenic on two incredibly vital topics: the authority of Scripture, and salvation. Not only […]

The Problem With Ecumenics, Pt. 1

For more than half a century, MJMI has been actively involved in the sharing of the Messiah Yeshua with Jewish people all over the world. This is and always has been MJMI’s primary mission. It is because of the very existence of MJMI and organizations like MJMI that so-called “Jewish evangelism” became a “problem” within […]

Israel‘s Priestly Calling

From its foundation, MJMI’s express purpose has been to tell every Jewish person everywhere about the Messiah Yeshua. But sharing the Messiah with Jewish people means more than simply the salvation of individual Jewish souls, or even the restoration of an entire Jewish nation. Indeed, proclaiming Yeshua to the Jewish people is necessary for the […]

The Ancient Hatred

Anti-Semitism is an ancient hatred of the Jewish people that can trace its roots back through Israel’s history, as recorded in the Scriptures. With alarming reports of anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the world, it is worthwhile to consider its origins, and how we can best overcome its effects. A Hated Nation In the beginning, […]

The Season In Between

The period on Israel’s calendar following Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread—the time in which we presently find ourselves—speaks powerfully to our identity in Messiah. And yet, this time is often overlooked and underutilized. A Season of Counting In Deuteronomy 16:9-10, Moses says, “You shall count seven weeks for yourself; you shall begin to […]

Worldwide Anti-Semitism on the Rise

Passover is the season in which Jewish people all over the world remember how God supernaturally and powerfully set our nation free. But now that this year’s joyful celebration has come and gone, I am feeling somewhat melancholy about it. With as much gratitude that Passover stirs in me for Adonai’s everlasting faithfulness and truth, […]

The Fall Appointed Times

The Fall appointed times (mo’adiym) for Israel are outlined in Leviticus 23:23-44. These special days cover a 22-day time period on Israel’s annual calendar. Memorial Day The season begins on the first day of the seventh Hebrew month with what the Scriptures call Yom T’ruah (Numbers 29:1)—meaning Day of Loud Blasts of Sound. Though this […]

Getting to the Heart of the Israel Crisis

At the center of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East is a fundamental, socio-religious ideology that says Jews should not exist—anytime or anywhere—much less as the modern State of Israel. As a result, the tiny nation faces a constant threat to her national sovereignty and safety, and the world continually demonizes every effort she […]